Prince Edward Island is located off the far northeastern edge of North America, just across the Northumberland Strait from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. To anglers worldwide, though, PEI is a bucket-list fishing destination. The target species? Giant bluefin tuna. Here in this remote corner of the world, your opportunity to catch a 1,000 lb. fish of a lifetime is greatest than perhaps anywhere else in the world.

Mike Davis of Sedona, Arizona, traveled across the continent for a chance to realize his dream of catching a monster tuna. What happened exceeded even his wildest dreams when he caught not one, but three of these majestic ocean predators. Read about his wild adventure in this post from Sport Fishing magazine.

PEICatching a giant bluefin in the 1,000-pound range is a fantasy for many anglers. It’s one realized for a few who make the autumn trek to the Canadian Maritimes and are fortunate enough to hook and bring to the boat such a beast.

But catching a huge bluefin wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Joseph M. (Mike) Davis of Sedona, Arizona, who celebrated his 70th birthday by catching three tuna with taped estimates putting their weights at 950 to 1,100 pounds, and just missing a fourth when a hook snapped near the boat. And he did it all in 24 hours.

Davis, who recently chartered with Capt. Troy Bruce out of North Lake Harbor on Prince Edward Island, says his first hookup came late on a Saturday afternoon. Despite using 200-pound braided line with 50 pounds of drag, “The line went out so fast I barely got in the chair and hooked up to the reel before half the line was gone!”

Photos: Sport Fishing (top); Canada Maps (above)