Hunting and fishing show hosts rarely rise to the top of the mainstream media, but fishing-show host Brie Gabrielle landed the big one with a win in the Miss Florida USA competition. She may not wear her sash while fishing, yet the very attractive young woman obviously has a host of other talents that will be put to the test in the USA competition. Here’s the story from The Outdoor Wire.

Miss Florida USA is a Fishing Show Host
Miss Florida USA is a Fishing Show Host

The worlds of Beauty Pageants and the Outdoors has crossed paths this week. Brie Gabrielle, host of the ever-popular Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report, took the crown of Miss Florida USA on the night of Saturday, July 11, 2015.

“It has been a five year journey, and through persistence and determination, I won, and I am proud to represent the State of Florida as Miss Florida USA. I will be promoting the Stop Bullying Now Foundation, and encouraging women and children to get outdoors.”

“I am still in shock and want to thank everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who has supported and believed in me over the past couple of years. I am so honored to be Miss Florida USA 2016 and can’t wait to begin this journey… Thank you for your friendship and love.” said Brie Gabrielle on Saturday… [continued]

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