I’m a huge fan of River Monsters with Jeremy Wade on the Animal Planet channel. Wade is a biologist by training, but his job, as host of the show, is to fish for unusual, dangerous fish around the world. As an angler, who wouldn’t love to travel the world to exotic destinations, in search of big-game fish? I dream of crossing off various bucket-list fish around the globe some day.

Jeremy Wade isn’t the only one who gets to live the dream fishing life. Remember, there are fishing guides that take those of us who go out looking to catch our bucket-list fish. Jako Lucas is one of them. The Venturing Angler takes us into Jako’s world.

jako_tigerfishJako Lucas is living the dream – chasing exotic species on the fly in exotic locations throughout the world!Captain Lucas recently sat down to take on some questions for the Venturing Angler:

1. Where in the world have you fly fished?

I was pretty much born into fishing. I have been fishing (or let’s say playing in little pools next to the ocean) since I was 4. My father and grandfather were avid fisherman and I was soon to follow. From a very early age I was fishing whenever I got a chance and fished a lot for big sharks on our coast line. Then fly fishing took me to many different premier, fresh and saltwater destinations around South Africa, whether it be sightfishing for yellowfish at Sterkfontein Dam to Garick in Jeffery’s Bay. I have also fished some other great fisheries around Africa, like the Zambezi for tigerfish and around the Mozambique coastline. I then moved to the United Kingdom and worked for Farlows of Pall Mall, where I continued fishing many UK fisheries including the prestigious River Test. In 2007 I joined the FlyCastaway team and have been guiding full time ever since. I have guided the notorious outer atolls of the Indian Ocean, namely Cosmoledo, Providence, Astove, Assumption, Farquhar and St. Brandon’s. I have spent a large amount of time guiding for tigerfish on the Zambezi River as well as for South Africa’s indigenous Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellowfish on the Vaal River, which is my local water. I have also guided five full seasons in Norway for the infamous Atlantic salmon. I have also completed two full seasons guiding in Mongolia for monster taimen…. a fish which has seriously captured my attention.

Photos: The Venturing Angler