Over Memorial Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to catch some bluefin tuna. It was definitely my lucky day. Out of 11 people on the boat, I caught two of the six fish for the boat. The larger of the two fish weighed 60 lbs. For the weekend, I was the center of attention in our sportfishing community. My fame was short-lived, however. Within two days, my buddy Gabe took down a 102-lb. fish. Over the next weekend, another angler caught one that weighed in at 165. A couple of days later, this story broke and boy, was it a doozy.

Spearfisherman Aaron Shook departed on a private boat from Dana Point marina. Just eight miles from the marina, the boat encountered a school of jumbo-sized bluefin. Find out the details of Shook’s remarkable catch in this article from The Orange County Register.

eclipse_60bft_052215Aaron Shook gripped the knife and took a couple deep breaths before again dipping below the ocean’s surface off Dana Point.

The 173-pound bluefin tuna was fighting hard, not ready to let the spearfisherman take his life. The massive fish had already been shot three times by Shook, one time in its head.

Shook, 35, had to do something he had only seen done in YouTube videos.

“Basically, I had to stab it in the brain to end the fight,” Shook said Thursday, a day after capturing an enormous bluefin tuna that could shatter state records for the largest bluefin caught in California while spearfishing.

Photos: Jon Walla (top); SoCal Salty (above)