Remember the scene from Caddyshack where Bill Murray’s character, Carl the groundskeeper, caddies for the Bishop’s epic round, where he ultimately is struck by lightning? It’s the image that came to mind for me when reading this amazing fishing tale.

Ordained minister Luke Ledbetter of Boaz, Alabama, was fishing recently with Captain Peter Deeks of Native Sons Fishing Guides on the Indian River in Florida. It took a bit of divine intervention to get Luke on the water that day. He was in town to take his kids to Disney World. Capt. Deeks had a last-minute cancellation that the visiting minister capitalized upon in a big way.

Get the details of his special trip in this article from Florida Today.

caddyshack_ministerMust be a nice snook, thought Luke Ledbetter of Boaz, Alabama, holding tight as line ripped from his spinning reel.

Suppose it could be a redfish, he concluded, upon seeing the broad headwake the fish pushed as it neared the boat.

A 3-foot seatrout? No way.

“I had no idea speckled trout got that big,” said Ledbetter, after Captain Peter Deeks of Merritt Island gently scooped up the trout with a homemade, sling-style landing net.

With the trout cradled beside the boat, Deeks took measurements. Growing up and guiding on the Space Coast, Deeks knows a truly big trout when he sees one.

“Every so often we’ll catch a fish that really impresses me, and this one did,” said Deeks, who runs Native Sons Fishing Guides. “I’ve caught longer fish before, but the girth on this one was just incredible.”

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Photos: Florida Today (top); Orion Pictures (above)