On Father’s Day weekend two years ago, I had my two kids for the weekend. Rather than do our normal thing and go fishing on the ocean, we took a different path and went for a hike in a national park. On our hike, we came across a little lake. As we walked around it, we found a little bass posted up near a rock close to the shore. I didn’t bring any gear with me that day, but I didn’t let that stop me. The next morning, before work, I got up before the sun and went back to the spot. Yup, he was still there. I threw a dozen different lures at him until I finally caught the little bugger.

Sounds like the author of this Outdoor Life post had a similar, “can’t quit ’til I catch” encounter in the pond near his work. Find out what he rigged up to finally get this sunfish to bite.

sunfish_berkelyIt was a rare opportunity that I couldn’t waste. I spend a lot of my lunch breaks fishing a small storm drain adjacent to a wooden dock behind my house, but the usual bass and bluegill targets took a backseat to the unexpected appearance of bedding shellcracker.

Redear sunfish to biologists, or “chinquapin” to Louisiana anglers, these feisty fish typically favor deeper haunts, but when a dozen plump females moved into a sunny spot with clear water, I thought it would be a lights-out deal.

Well, I did manage to irritate a few with live wigglers, bread balls and small popper flies, but the fish were spooky in the clear conditions, so I had to put on the thinking cap.

Photos: Outdoor Life (top); Fish USA (left)