Some of my fondest family memories involve me being on the water. There was that time I caught my first salmon. There was that time we fished the northern tip of Vancouver Island and limited on salmon while fishing amongst bald eagles and orcas. Family trips to the San Juan Islands for fishing and clamming was always a blast.

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation is a non-profit organization meant to encourage and support fishing and boating opportunities. The RBFF recently posted its list of the Top 100 family-friendly spots for fishing and boating across the United States. Check the list and make your plans to make your own family memories as you peruse the latest post from the Take Me Fishing blog.

rbff_crappieWe are very pleased to announce the 2015 Top 100 Places to Fish and Boat in the U.S! More than 23,000 outdoors enthusiasts cast their votes and helped us to develop this year’s list. The America’s Top Places to Fish and Boat Sweepstakes received over 280,000 votes for almost 250 parks across the country. The criteria for the Top 100 places included having a public body of water within an hour of a major city, good fishing opportunities, and family-friendly amenities.

We asked, you answered, and now it’s time to share! You can view the Top 10 voted parks and the entire Top 100 list here!

We all know that getting out on the water to boat and fish is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends. And sometimes finding the right place to fish and boat can be a challenge. But with the 2015 top 100 family-friendly places to fish and boat in the U.S. planning is easy! Check the infographic below, select a top place to fish and boat near you and get out on the water.

Photos: Take Me Fishing