Anglers rarely get to put their name in the record books by catching a state record fish, let alone accomplish the task twice in two days. But that’s exactly what Zakk Royce did on Lake Gaston in North Carolina.

Earlier this month, he landed a 91-lb. blue catfish that beat the old state record by two pounds.

Certifying the fish as a state record, it was released back into the waters to be caught by another angler someday. Maybe.

Not stopping just because he held a state record, Zakk returned to the water and landed another giant blue catfish, this time weighing in at 105 lbs.

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“I always release trophy fish and I was going to make sure this fish swam off at any cost, so being that it was Sunday, the shops were closed to weigh it in so I stayed up all night pumping fresh water into the tank to keep him alive. I finally was able to weigh it in on Monday.” … [continued]

Photo: Outdoor Life

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