Remember when the original version of the GoPro camera came out? I think I was one of the first guys posting underwater fish-catching videos. It was very cool to actually see the fish in their underwater environment, but the limitation was that for the most part the footage was limited to the very end of the fight. One of the things that has always interested me is, how does the fish react before they bite your lure?

The GoPro didn’t really fit that application, but there is a new camera that does! Check out this article from BD Outdoors that highlights this exciting new product.

The Water Wolf video camera has been designed from scratch to provide the best picture quality in low light conditions in a stable, balanced and waterproof casing. There are no external cases to fool with or leak, and only one button is required to use it.

One of the many creative used for this new camera is to pull it in front of your lure or bait and capture the moments of the strike, or see what checks you out that you never knew was there. The possibilites are endless and the user’s videos are capturing more species by the day.

Photo: BD Outdoors/Video: Mike Tumbeiro